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Faenadora Las Pataguas is one of the foremost frozen Pork meat suppliers in Chile. The company started off in 1971 with aim to offer prospects with chef’s good quality manufacturer of Frozen Pork meat. Today, We're equally a Pork slaughterhouse, a Pork processing plant and a Pork wholesale supplier. We specialise in wholesale frozen pork meat cuts.

Wholesale Pork meat Cuts

We provide wholesale Pork meat cuts for example: Frozen Pork Loin, Pork tenderloin, Frozen Pork Ear, Frozen Pork head, Frozen Pork toes, Frozen Pork Belly, Frozen Pork Rind, Frozen Pork Ham, Frozen Pork Ribs, Frozen Pork Tail Bone, Pork back Body fat, Pork leg, Pork neckbone, Modest intestines of pigs, Pork shank, Pork Hock and many others. Due to our big scale of creation, The export Pork meat all over the world. Right here, You should buy frozen Pork leg together with other pork meat cuts.

Quality A Frozen Pork Export / Frozen Pork Import

As compared to several frozen Pork meat suppliers, We continue being the ideal Pork company in Chile and other parts of the planet. All our supplies are Grade A frozen Pork meat. We export to China since it is amongst the foremost importer of Pork meat. The Pork meat is positioned in plastic baggage in carton bins According to Global delivery criteria and excellent. These will make our products high quality get noticed in comparison with other Pork distributors. all our items are Grade A frozen Pork meat. We provide quality A products which include: Pork Shoulder, boneless Pork leg, Pork boneless meat etcetera. when you believe of Pork price ranges, imagine us as we offer very good reasonably priced charges for your Pork items. Beneath, you are able to see a graph of Exporters of Pork meat from the larges into the smallest.

Chef’s high-quality

The Frozen Pork meat solutions we offer are categorized as Chef’s high quality. These products are made use of For added processing or by Chef’s in dining establishments, houses etc.

Chef’s high-quality of Contemporary Pork meat

We offer numerous frozen pork, sow and piglets, pork cuts parts, processed pork meat items and pork offals from Chile and care for the import and export processes. We provide our pork products to Asia Africa, Center East, Europe, Australia and The united states. In short, We offer around the world shipping to all ports. Packaging is usually customized and produced for wholesale and retail causes in order to satisfy our prospects necessities. A lot of our products can be obtained Small intestines of pig with all certification. We provide Distribution to all nations around the world and with equally FCL and PCL for little and large organizations to meet up with wholesale suppliers, foodservice distributors, and retail.

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